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Coaching for the early stages of romantic relating.

For those who desire & are ready to:

  • Shift outdated patterns into new, aligned ones.

  • Take radical self-responsibility.

  • Know they’re worthy of healthy love & have that increasingly reflected in the outside.

  • Surrender and take action, too!

  • Engage in deep, somatic work.

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I invite you to fall and be in love with yourself, with others, with love - and life... Many of us have learned to fear, loose hope about, or at the minimum consider dating - which I define as the early stages of romantic relating - a waste of time.

At least for me, dating mostly "sucked"  - I'd say nearly as far back as I can remember. Until I hit rock bottom and realised that there are patterns in my early romantic relating dynamics and that there's one common denominator in all of them: me.  

Pain led me to seek change; I've been studying early childhood trauma and how it influences adult relationships, engaging in somatic healing methods, confronting my beliefs and fears "out there dating", working on my sexuality...


Slowly, my shame around my relationship experiences and my hopelessness around my future melted away... I came to understand that there's a very legitimate background for it all, and that healing and thriving (!) is possible.


f you believe nobody is out there for you, find yourself not being your authentic self on dates, tend to think obsessively about your dating partners, or if you start criticising them all at once whereas just a bit before you felt butterflies... I feel you.


And I know if I can have ever deepening and nourishing relationship experiences... shift from confusion to greater clarity, turn pain into peace, feel more secure & happy as I date and relate... you can do so too.


Do our greatest pains point to our greatest gifts? I do believe it's true.

The Journey* of Falling in Love with Dating.

*every step will require more, or less, attention - depending on what emerges. We have a structure - and leave room to flow!

1) Awareness

  • Awareness of the Soma - the Felt Sense Experience

  • Questioning Beliefs & Thought Patterns

  • Attachment Theory

2) Fears & Wounds

  • Inner Child & Family Dynamics

  • Integrating Fears & Wounds

  • Releasing Ex-Lovers

3) Secure Identity

  • Identifying Your Secure, Empowered Identity

  • Desires & Values (for Relationships, Intimacy & Connection) 

  • Effective Communication

4) Putting It Into Practice 

  • Practicing Secure, aligned Dating

  • Finding Your Rhythm

  • Dating from Pleasure - Flirting, Seduction & Play

5) Self-Worth Outside Partnerhsip

  • Building Self-Worth Outside Partnership

  • Living From Your Desires & Values 

  • Accessing Your Own Feelgood & Pleasure

Why does working with the soma bring about healing and integration on a deep level?


Maybe you've experienced it yourself: you've read books, engaged in talk therapy, and listened to various teachers. Yet, you still find it challenging to enact change and integrate concepts into your life. The knowledge remains purely intellectual. In somatic-based coaching, we delve into the deeper regions of our brain—the subconscious. By bridging the rational aspects with our limbic and primal brain, we not only gain a clearer understanding but also have the opportunity to gently release trauma that has been stored in the body for years or even lifetimes, and forge new neural pathways.

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Clarity in Dating - Meditation

This audio is for you who desires greater clarity (also clarity about the lack of clarity!) in dating in general but also in specific situations if you're actively dating: what relationship(s) you seek, what you want regarding intimacy, what types of connection you desire... Drop into your body, let the answers bubble up from deep within and finish by feeling your heart's desires being already fulfilled, understanding the next steps. Ready?

Thank you! Please check your inbox.

Is this Journey For You?

Likely, if you:
  • Want to take radical self-responsibility for your experience (aka you are done blaming others or the past for your current reality). This means you want to take responsibility that your relationships are loving, your desires & needs expressed and met, your sexuality thriving... It means also that you commit to do the homework in between sessions which we discuss together, to the best of your ability. 

  • Know that you are worthy of healthy love (or strive to realize this!) and actively wish to build trust so that this is increasingly reflected in the outside, too.

  • Understand that the universe has its own timing, your nervous system its own pace - and can or want to surrender to that fact (while taking action in the things you can control in order to get closer to your dreams). 

  • Are open and ready to work somatically, meaning also with the physical, emotional and energetic body. Ideally, you are familiar with some form of self-development work as well as body-based and energetic practices such as yoga, meditation or similar. 

Probably rather not, if you:
  • Believe or want to hold on to the belief that there's only one person out there for you. Also, if you want to hold on to an urgency about finding the right one.

  • Are not ready to actively participate in the sessions and do an effort to engage with home"play" in between (see below what this can entail!), meaning are not ready to commit both energetically and financially to this deeper journey.

  • Expect this to be exclusively talking therapy and are not open to engage in somatic work aka to connect with the body and its language, expressed through sensations, impulses, movement, images, emotions (and even thoughts).

  • Experience significant unintegrated trauma* and/or are currently going through a major life transition (like a recent divorce, trying to become a parent, grieving the loss of a loved one etc...)


This work is gentle yet profound, has the potential to delve deep into your being. However, it requires your full investment in the coaching process, just as I am committed to your desires and creating a safe space for deeper layers to emerge and be integrated.

*Significant unintegrated trauma (including sexual trauma) can impede our ability to engage in daily activities such as getting up for work, interacting with friends and family, or getting out of bed. If that's the case for you currently, I would encourage you to seek the assistance of a trauma specialist. However, therapy and coaching often complement each other beautifully. Don't hesitate to reach out for getting more clarity on this.

Important Notice:

Every process is individual; we never know what your subconscious reveals and what your nervous system holds! Additionally, this type of coaching is not a method to bypass your emotional reality or the fact that the human experience involves both pain and pleasure. When you touch upon unfamiliar feelings and experiences, it may initially be uncomfortable. However, feeling more deeply means experiencing the full spectrum of the human condition, likely resulting in feeling more alive. Over time, you'll learn to navigate these emotions and hold yourself through them. I don’t promise you that you'll find a partner or achieve a certain goal within a set timeframe. Deep wounds heal in layers, and fortunately, getting to know ourselves on a deeper level is a lifelong journey. What I can assure you is that you'll move closer to your goals and gain a deeper understanding of yourself. I would be honoured to help you find greater clarity, sense of security and joy in dating (internal states that cannot but be reflected by the world around you eventually).

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In the current and following 2 years I'm getting trained as Somatic Experiencing® practitioner. I'm so glad to have the opportunity to go even deeper into the specifics of trauma and wounding, and to create a yet safer container for my clients to strengthen their resilience and reestablish their organic intelligence to navigate life and relationships. Somatic Experiencing tools are already part of the VITA™ coaching methodology in which I got certified in 2021. The latter methodology consists also of the following holistic tools which are backed by modern science and ancient traditions, such as:

  • breathwork

  • embodiment practices (including pleasure if aligned)

  • trauma healing

  • meditation / mindfulness

  • energy work

  • sounding

  • movement

3-Month Journeys

For genuine transformation to happen, there needs to be safety. Safety comes with trust. And trust is built over time. Trust first and foremost in yourself. Trust between you and me. Trust in the methodology. The VITA™ coaching methodology is designed for "longer"-term journeys. Our dreams & nervous systems need our nourishment, encouragement and dedication in order to flourish fully!

Each 3-Month Journey entails:

  • 3 x 75min-Sessions per Month (total 9 sessions. Please contact me to discuss your individual desires & needs to have a rhythm that serves you best.)

  • Workbook with journaling prompts & important concepts around better dating

  • Session Notes which I send you till latest 24 hours after each session

  • Tailor-made Home-Play practices (concrete actions, areas of focus, guided audio-meditations, pleasure- and/or embodiment practices, book or video

  • recommendations etc.)

I'm looking forward to getting to know you in a (pressure-)free 45-minutes Initial Call!

My intention is not to sell you anything, but to determine whether we are a great match. Similar to dating, I wish for our coach-coachee relationship to be 'win-win'!

This journey with Rahel has been such an awakening of pleasure for me. Transformative. With her coaching I have discovered so much wisdom through the practice of pleasure. The embodiment practices... have been incredibly healing. I feel so much has evolved since our first session, I understand myself better, and I can hold myself with compassion and kindness, which I never knew how to. 

Rahel guided me through dark places of my soul with so much care and safety. I felt her deep and gentle support, we also laughed and it reminded me how life can be light and soft. Every session was a transformation, I got closer to my Self every time. Tears... I am so grateful I have embarked on this journey with Rahel. She accepted me as I am. I felt seen... held and safe by her guidance, her presence. Embodying the Goddess... wow, realising we are all Goddess, and living a life from pleasure, feeling so worthy. Thank you Rahel for guiding me on this path towards freedom!"

Lucilla Gould

Let's See If We Are A Match!

  • Book a (pressure-) free 45-min call for a 1:1 coaching 3-month journey...

    45 min

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