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Trauma-Informed & Somatic-Based Coaching. For Those Who Wish to Fall In Love With Dating (the early stages of romantic relating).

Welcome! I'm Rahel...

Welcome! I'm Rahel

...certified Relationship, Love & Sexuality coach specializing in Dating.The methodology I'm trained in is somatic-based and trauma-informed. I don't believe in one-size-fits-all answers, especially when it comes to relationships (and dating, being a form of relating).

I'm not here to give you tips & tricks; instead, I see my role as guiding you to discover your own, authentic answers—ones that align with your values, consider your history, and respect your innate desires. I believe that we can access our inner truth and guidance when we question our rational conditioning and also look beneath it, taking into account all layers of our being - including our body, emotions and feelings.

When we uncover our innermost desires and integrate past wounds, fears and blockages toward fulfilling them, we become more secure and can even fall in love with dating. Are you ready?

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Love, Safety & Belonging in the Nervous System

Feeling very anxious on dates? Unsure how to deal with triggers or struggling to enjoy yourself sexually? Symptoms like these often stem from parts of ourselves not feeling loved, safe, or that they belong in certain experiences—without evident danger present. Connect with yourself on a profound level and imprint a strong sense of safety, love, and belonging on all levels with this 10-minute meditation. We all know: Good relationships start with ourselves!

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How Can I Be Of Service?

My Philosophy

This is what I believe about Dating.

Better dating = better in relationships. If we can shift our focus a bit away* from "I need to know if s/he is 'the One'!" and take dating as a practice to become the creators of love that we wish to attract in the outside... a lot of that urgency and also frustration or hopelessness which many feel around dating, melts away. Instead of finding "dating sucks!", it is possible to find joy and lots of wisdom in it: In the home-coming, the learnings, the aliveness, the increased sense of self-worth and peace we get to cultivate if we work with the material that comes up. The journey is not necessarily easy, but I find definitely worth it. It just feels amazing to have a more and more loving & secure relationship to oneself - and have that increasingly reflected in romantic relationships with others, and not only that - also all other areas in life...  

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