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Trauma-Informed & Somatic-Based.
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Free Audio: Get "Out Of the Head" & Into Your Body

This short practice is an answer to one of the most frequent questions I hear from women when it comes to sexuality. Simple and powerful, the more regularly you practice, the more potent this medicine becomes. Doing so, it can also support you in re-establishing sensitivity in your body, getting away from self-criticism & body-judgment, allowing all that is to be here, including emotions (so key in female sexuality!), reclaiming your turn-on, sensuality & pleasure and hence coming back home to yourself, a sense of wholeness - connected to your natural confidence, intuition & inherent wisdom.

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The most intimate way to work with me, my coaching container allows for deep transformation to take place. Based on the somatic-based & trauma-informed VITA™ Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching methodology, as well as my own lived experience, I delight in helping women open the door to pleasure.

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SENSUAL SUNDAYS: For you to get more confident & celebratory of your sexuality, connect with your deep femininity, and tap into your inherent wisdom & truth. Combining EMBODIMENT - NEW NARRATIVES - SHARING IN SISTERHOOD. Learn more here or check my IG @rahellandolt to learn about all my current offerings, online & in-person.

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