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Anchor Safety, Love & Belonging in the Nervous System

This meditation has been helping me a lot on my path, and I hope you enjoy this practice and its effects as much as I do. 


Making the unconscious conscious is only truly effective if we address the entire soma—our body, emotions, as well as our minds. Meditations that also encourage you to feel your sensational reality (the felt sensations in your body), like this one, are powerful tools to bridge the conscious with the subconscious. Please note that creating new imprints in our nervous system takes time and therefore repetition—devotion helps!


To stay inspired, you may ask yourself: What do I desire? Do I want to see changes in my life, and if so, which ones? Who or what inspires me to stay with the work even if it gets uncomfortable?

Safety, Love & Belonging in the Nervous System Meditation
00:00 / 15:04

00:00 Intro to the Practice

03:30 Meditation

I recommend setting an intention to do the audio for 7, 14, or even 21 days in a row (and it's okay to take breaks! Continuity, but no rigidity. Please go with what feels right to you, and if this practice is not what serves you at the moment - there are many paths to Rome! I personally am grateful for a big toolbox and for understanding better and better which tools help me at which time). 


If you have questions or wish for more guidance on your path—toward living your full authentic expression, greater clarity & ease in dating, or enjoying your sexuality more—learn more about somatic coaching based on the VITA methodology here, reach out, or book an absolutely (pressure-free) clarity call with me! I'd love to get to know you (better) and see how I can be of service to your dreams.


With love, Rahel


Want to Go Deeper?

This journey with Rahel has been such an awakening of pleasure for me. Transformative. With her coaching I have discovered so much wisdom through the practice of pleasure. The embodiment practices... have been incredibly healing. I feel so much has evolved since our first session, I understand myself better, and I can hold myself with compassion and kindness, which I never knew how to. 

Rahel guided me through dark places of my soul with so much care and safety. I felt her deep and gentle support, we also laughed and it reminded me how life can be light and soft. Every session was a transformation, I got closer to my Self every time. Tears... I am so grateful I have embarked on this journey with Rahel. She accepted me as I am. I felt seen... held and safe by her guidance, her presence. Embodying the Goddess... wow, realising we are all Goddess, and living a life from pleasure, feeling so worthy. Thank you Rahel for guiding me on this path towards freedom!"

Lucilla Gould

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