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Clarity in Dating - Meditation

This meditation is for you if you want greater clarity around your dating life (also clarity about the unclarity!) - what relationship(s) you seek, what you want regarding intimacy, what types of connection you desire...

Clarity in Dating
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Why do this?

  • Understand what's really valuable for you in dating - more specifically regarding relationships, intimacy & connection. Around dating in general, but also around a specific situation if you are actively dating. 

  • Reframe your questions from "do they like me" or "am I beautiful, intelligent or sexy enough", to more empowering & connection-building questions like "how do I hold myself in this situation", "what does my inner child need", "what do I need to thrive" etc. 

  • Take a first step towards living your new reality by creating a sensational imprint of how it feels like*.

How to do this?

  • Do this meditation as often as you want to feel its benefits, and to practice receiving answers from within. It is a practice to drop into the body, access deeper layers of the brain - beneath the rational conditioning - and really allow whatever wants to come up come up, without self-censorship.

  • Be seated or lying down

  • Speak your answers out loud or journal (you may want to pause the audio in between).

  • For 1 round of practice, take 1 suggested theme: relationships, intimacy or connection. Answer every question in respect of this theme.

*Please note: Contrary to widespread belief, I find that manifestation requires more than visualising & feeling a new reality. We also need to address & integrate deep seated fears, insecurities and blockages (this is where the 1:1 somatic-based coaching can be of service;) ).

Thank you for having me guide you through this meditation! I'm curious to hear how this has been going for you! Please reach out if you have questions!

"Clarity in Dating” also gives you a glimpse into the work we're doing in the 1:1 coaching: We look into your desires, fears, the needs of the inner child, address attachment wounds/trauma, how you can show up in dating from an empowered place… and all this not solely through rational sense-making/questioning beliefs, but through somatic work that is backed by modern science and rooted in ancient traditions.

So you can start to enjoy dating - this inevitable process toward deepening relationships! If you’re curious to engage in deep exploration of your subconscious, you can read more on my website, follow me on instagram or book a (pressure-) free clarity call with me directly. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


With love, Rahel


Want to Go Deeper?

This journey with Rahel has been such an awakening of pleasure for me. Transformative. With her coaching I have discovered so much wisdom through the practice of pleasure. The embodiment practices... have been incredibly healing. I feel so much has evolved since our first session, I understand myself better, and I can hold myself with compassion and kindness, which I never knew how to. 

Rahel guided me through dark places of my soul with so much care and safety. I felt her deep and gentle support, we also laughed and it reminded me how life can be light and soft. Every session was a transformation, I got closer to my Self every time. Tears... I am so grateful I have embarked on this journey with Rahel. She accepted me as I am. I felt seen... held and safe by her guidance, her presence. Embodying the Goddess... wow, realising we are all Goddess, and living a life from pleasure, feeling so worthy. Thank you Rahel for guiding me on this path towards freedom!"

Lucilla Gould

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